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Are milk shakes Healthy?

The answer could be a question i.e. ‘How long is a piece of string?’  This is because there are many milkshakes and thickshakes for sale in the UK.  Some bottled milkshakes are marketed as a healthier type drink but as with food in general in foodservice this is almost not the case.

Some well known thickshakes and milkshakes in the foodservice sector have had unhealthy labels attached to them by both the media and the general public.  The latest craze of blending almost anything edible with ice cream and milk produces, in general, a very unhealthy drink.  Typically there are very high levels of fat and sugar in the drinks.

Shmoo is a thickshake that is sold predominantly throughout the UK, so is this well known milkshake/thickshake ‘healthy’?  Dinkum Products, the manufacturers of the drink do not market Shmoo as a health drink.  They do however state the many healthier properties of the drink and let the consumer make up their own mind.  The list is quite long and the majority of the points made can be found on each Shmoo cup and their point of sale advertising material.  The list includes:

  • No artificial Colours
  • No artificial Sweeteners
  • No artificial preservatives
  • 99% fat free
  • Under 5% sugar 
  • School compliant
  • Only 85 calories for the 13oz drink
  • Gluten free
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Utilises fresh semi-skimmed milk
  • Contains calcium

Note: These points comply when mixed to instructions and using semi-skimmed milk.


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